Indoor waste sorting in style

Indoor waste sorting in style

When you aim for a Bica, you get ever lasting quality

Outdoor high class waste sorting bins

Outdoor high class waste sorting bins

New 2021 models ready

Model 873 from our best selling S30 series<br>

Model 873 from our best selling S30 series

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Robust & stylish waste sorting furniture

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Don't Waste Waste

Recycling our waste is imperative today. Doing it at the source with style and still have functionality intact, is the real chalange. Carbi has with the Bica series redefined the word wastebin into innovative waste sorting furniture.

With the Bica® series, we have thought of everyone:

  • Front openings to avoid any hard lifting
  • Stylish design so they blend in with furniture
  • Build to last decades
  • Infinite expansion possibilities
  • No dirt trap and hidden wheels

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  • Project sales, tenders, offers and discount agreements
  • Consultancy DK, NO, SE, FI, DE, NL
  • Assortment for both outdoors and indoors
  • Short lead-time


Model 867 on the picture


Used Covid masks in the streets; no more!

Our new outdoor containers, prevent birds from spreading the waste

At the same time it is no longer possible for used masks to pass on viruses to birds and humans. A lot of thought and development has been put into our new outdoor series. Here are a few key points:


1. Weatherproof for many years via i.a. plinth and top in stainless steel

2. Possibility of joint flap, so i.a. pigeons and gulls do not disperse waste

3. Used masks and other items remain in the container until emptied

4. Possibility of throw-ins from both sides

5. With the flap limited supply of oxygen, makes it fire retardant

6. Stylish design so it look presentable in the surroundings and can replace existing old containers

7. Ready for expansion, more modules can be added when the need arises or you want actual waste sorting

8. Also available as two and three rooms

9. Ashtray in top or as a side-hung version possible

10. Personnel avoid heavy high lifts as the container is opened in front when emptying the bins


Read more here and take contact for further information and demo...

Wastebin outdoor


When schools sort waste at class level

Thanks to Munkekærskolen in Solrød Strand DK for pictures. The school became the first to roll out our new member of the Bica series to their approx. 950 happy students.

The new waste container is available in two sizes; 3 x 15 liters and as here 3 x 20 liters. You can also vary inner the containers for e.g. 20 + 20 + 10 + 10 - or what add up to 45 or 60 liters respectively.


Key Features:

  • Simple mounting bracket included for hanging
  • Easy cleaning underneath
  • Dirt protection of the wall behind
  • Extremely robust = long life
  • Ultra easy emptying
  • Flexible volume combinations
  • Inner containers in recycled pvc

See the two variants here ...

Wastesorting at school with Bica wastebin

3 waste bins combined into one wastesorting station


The most well-thought-out brand in innovative waste sorting furniture.

Developed by Carbi in collaboration with customers, builders, facility management and architects

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