Bica 812 3 x 15 liter On Wall

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Carbi model 812




Popular wall-mounted waste station

Perfect for classrooms and places where it should be easy to clean floors regularly.

Despite its clean design lines, the container here is quite robust. At the same time, it is made of steel, which provides greater fire safety.

Comes with 3 practical 15 liter inner containers in recycled plastic that facilitate emptying. You can also choose 2 x 20 liters + a 5 liter inner container and obtain other sizes of fractions.

Your choice of inner containers is included in the price.

The back is designed to protect the wall from dirt using the high edge.

Here you can also put pictograms as in the example here.

Robust made of steel. Attached simply and invisibly via a wall rail at the back.


Specifications and options

45 Liter total
Powder coated steel Integrated bag holder
Input dimensions 36 x 23 cm Optional inner bin
Ad on more modules
Dimensions H x B x D 
45,0 x 86,5 x 29,0 cm Easy emptying via front door
Weightt Kg Net
12,0 kg
Lid for organic waste
No, option
Optional RAL color
From 24 pcs.
Wheels as standard
Other info
Screws not included
Adjustable feet No, option








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