Bica 874 2x65 Liter Open+lid

650 EUR

(excl. VAT)

Carbi model 874 - 2x 65 Liter open + Lid




Indoor double waste bin for source sorting.

The waste bin has a capacity of 2 x 65 liters and has an integrated bag holder, wheels, and lid on one waste bin. This makes it ideal for organic or combustible waste.

Waste bin from the BICA series, available in 2 colors, is made of steel and is of very high quality.

Comes with 4 wheels, which provides mobility, so it is easy to move, for cleaning and moving. Front doors for easy defrosting and soft close.

The BICA S30 series can be combined in every conceivable way because height and depth are the same for all models.

Designed for high hygiene and therefore easy to clean. The bag can easily be mounted on a holder in the container and is therefore not visible.


Specifications and options

2x 65 Liter
Powder coated steel Integrated bag holder
Input dimensions 19 x 19 cm Optional inner bin
Ad on more modules
Dimensions H x B x D 
84,5 x 60.0 x 30,0 cm Easy emptying via front door
Weightt Kg Net
26.5 kg
Lid for organic waste
Yes, 1x
Optional RAL color
From 24 pcs.
Wheels as standard
Other info
Adjustable feet No, option








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