The Ministry of Education is preparing their new environment. They chose three factions Bica with nudging at the top. ( Model Nr. 875)

FC Twente in the Netherlands got new Bica bins in- and outside. Model 5070 outdoor in the picture

Municipalities, Schools, Museums & Centers
  • DK  Royal Arena
  • DK  Københavns Kommune
  • SE  Stockholmsmässen
  • DK  Herning Centret
  • DK  Gladsaxe Kommune
  • DK  SMI-skolen, Vestfold Fylkeskommune
  • DK  Experimentarium
  • DK  Rosborg Gymnasium
  • DK  Broen Shopping
  • NO  Steinerskolen Indre Østfold
  • DK  WestMarket
  • DK  Kolding Storcenter
  • DK  Østre Havn Aalborg
  • DK  Bella Center CPH
  • NO  Marker Kommune
  • DK  Børne U.N.I. KBH
  • NO Oslo Kommune via U.I.P. Bus stops
  • DK Rudersdal Kommune
  • DK Kolding Kommune
  • DK Ålborg Kongres & Kulturcenter
  • NO Oslo Kultur & Idrett
  • DK Naturkraft
  • DK  Artium Brande
  • DE Hamburg Messe und Congress
Companies, Architects & Organizations
  • DK  Grundfoss
  • DK  SPX Flow Technology
  • US & EU Joe & The Juice
  • NO  Oslotech AS
  • SE  ABAKO Arkitektkontor AB
  • DK  LEGO
  • DK  Microsoft Denmark
  • DK  TV 2 Danmark A/S
  • DK  Kræftens Bekæmpelse
  • DK  Lagkagehuset
  • NO  Origo Solutions AS
  • DK  Danmarks Idrætsforbund
  • DK  Novo Nordisk
  • SE  ICA Kvantum
  • NO MER Management AS
  • SE  Fastighets AB Balder
  • DK  Pension Danmark
  • DK Rubow Arkitekter
  • DK Chanel
  • DK DSV
  • SE ABB
  • NL FC Twente
  • DK  Bane Danmark
  • DK  Trafikstyrelsen
Universities, Banks, Hotels & Airports
  • DK  Danmarks Nationalbank
  • NO  Oslo Universitet
  • DK  Aalborg Universitet
  • DK  Kirkbi
  • NO  Norefjell Ski & Spa
  • NO Radisson Blu Royal Garden
  • DK  Københavns Universitet
  • DK  Danske Bank
  • SE  Hotel At Six, Stockholm
  • DK  Arp Hansen Hotel Group
  • DK  University College Syd
  • DK  Roskilde Universitet
  • DK  Copenhagen Airport
  • NO Hotel Folketeateret AS
  • NO Norwegian Computing Center
  • DK Scandic Hotels
  • DK Brøchner Hotels
  • DK Tivoli
  • DK Learnmark Horsens
  • DK Forskningsministeriet
  • DK Mercantec
  • DK Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi
  • DK  Via University College Horsens
  • DK  Erhvervsakademi Dania


More than 20,000 students and course participants complete educations and courses annually at Mercantec's addresses in Viborg, Bjerringbro, Skive, Hoverdal and Ulfborg. Mercantec also uses our Bica models for waste sorting and has designed their own pictograms.

To achieve 4 fractions, they have combined models 867 and 874. An example of Bica combinations in beautiful surroundings.


Naturkraft: Bica model 713 three-compartment in combination with 712 two-compartment bins


Naturkraft chose Bica's new outdoor series to take care of thousands of visitors' waste in a proper way. Model 711, 712 & 713 link

Indoors, there are also Bica waste stations strategically well distributed in the 500,000 m² experience center.

Here they whent for model 867 which in some places is placed side by side to obtain 4 fractions. The image to the right ...

The pictograms have Naturkraft itself designed and mounted.



Thanks to SPX Flow Technology in Silkeborg for allowing us to take pictures in your beautiful surroundings ...


If you want to visit our show room or get a visit from Carbi, where we bring samples, to see which waste containers or source sorting solutions match your needs, please contact: or call now: +45 8230 4000 for Scandinavia & +31 6 57 818 166 for Germany and the rest of the EU.



Furesø Municipality's beautiful City Hall



Here they are far ahead when it comes to sorting waste at the source. It does not stop at the town hall, but extends to schools, institutions and other public spaces in the municipality.


Here, robust solutions and flexible solutions are chosen, so you do not have to buy in again after a few years. Precisely the fact that you can expand as more sorts / fractions are desired, means that you can keep the same style in line with the development of sorting waste.




Source waste sorting for 75000 m2 in Stockholm

- A strong example of great teamwork. Stockholmsmässan had a very clear description of how source waste sorting for thousands of annual exhibitors and visitors should be handled.
We started with our Bica 95 liter standard waste bin. Gave it the slope at the top, which the exhibition center had calculated as optimal.
We made openings as they wanted. Eventually they made texts and graphics and then it all went up into a higher unity.
Hidden wheels for easy cleaning under the stations, which are held together via magnets. The waste stations are distributed through out the exhibition area. See them the next time you visit the fair.




Feast Kitchen 

When it comes to delivering good food, you must of course have control of hygiene. This is especially true when it concerns waste.
The choice fell on two models, namely the popular 3x65 liter with nudging (left) and 873 with lifting lid (right).
Lifting lids have the advantage that residues from waste do not stick as on a pressure lid. At the same time, avoid the swarm of banana flies around your container.


Thanks to Feast kitchen for the pictures